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Home Catering by Your Own Private Chef

Enjoy the finest home catering prepared with local ingredients by skilled chefs.

Home Catering Services Throughout Suffolk and Norfolk


The regions of Suffolk and Norfolk boast some of the best produce in the UK. Bury St Edibles uses these magnificent ingredients to provide restaurant quality home catering to private individuals throughout the region. You can enjoy a delicious seasonal gourmet meal made by your own private chef in the comfort of your own home or holiday cottage. Contact us for more information or to make a booking.

All About Bury St Edibles

Bury St Edibles is a personal chef company that can cater for everything from five course dinner parties to buffet lunches and kids' parties.


Our team painstakingly sources the finest ingredients and prepares them with care and skill.

Our founder has worked with some of the best known chefs in the UK, including Richard Turner of the Michelin starred Turner’s of Harbourne, Theodore Kyrakou at the original Real Greek restaurant, Georgio Locatelli at Locanda Locatelli and Michel Roux Jnr at Roux Fine Dining.

These diverse chefs shared one belief:

The quality of the ingredients arriving through the back door in the morning was the key to the quality of the food served later that day. It is this ethos that drives Bury St Edibles to always provide the highest standards when it comes to our ingredients and our preparation.

Bury St Edibles appreciates the importance of using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. When the company’s founder moved to Bury St Edmunds seven years ago, he found himself surrounded by free-range pig farms, small potato-growers, a plentiful coastline, even friendly allotmenteers, keen that a glut of gooseberries wouldn’t go to waste.

Seasonal, Locally Sourced Ingredients

“I wanted to cook this great food for people in a way that they wanted to eat it. No pages of set in stone menus. Instead, I envisioned a more personalised, collaborative approach to dining.I want the menu to be a conversation about what people want to eat and what is freshest and tastiest for me to cook for them.”

Bury St Edibles Was Born

If you love duck, are eating near Woodbridge and rhubarb is in season, what could be better than Gressingham duck breast with crispy skin, served pink with a smoked potato mash, sprouting broccoli and caramelised rhubarb? If you like your meat well done, out goes the breast and in comes a delicious flaky confit duck leg.

The team at Bury St Edibles realise the importance of tailoring meals so that everyone can relax and enjoy their food. We know that families love to eat together but don’t always want the same food. Likewise, we take time to be aware of people’s food allergies and design dishes that are healthy, free of allergens, and delicious.

We love good quality free range meat and fish but are also interested in plant-based eating. We believe that a vegan meal prepared with love and care is just as special and delicious as a meat based meal.

If you want to experience the great food and drink that Suffolk and Norfolk has to offer in your own way, get in touch with Bury St Edibles. We can have a private chef prepare delicious home catering menus for any occasion.

Call 07984 145 688 to enquire about our home catering services.

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