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Suffolk Staycations

If you're planning a staycation this summer I would not be suprised if you’d thought about Suffolk. It’s where I sometimes holiday, and I live here.

There’s a lot of stuff happening here this year even without some of the usual events that go on in the summer.

Till you can get here though there's been a couple of films shot in Suffolk in the last few years. Most notably The dig with Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes in the lead roles. A perfect prelude to a trip to Sutton hoo (where my delicious chickens come from)

Also worth a look is Danny Boyle’s yesterday shot in partly in Halesworth (where my scrumptious pork comes from)

And The personal history of David Copperfield which has shots of Bury st edmunds. Outside the Angel hotel and the inside of the theatre royal. It also has my uncle Michael in as an extra. He gives blue badge guided tours around Bury st Edmunds and will happily fill you in on his five minutes of fame.

Bury St Edmunds itself is finally having some recognition of it’s really good restaurants. Pea Porridge in Cannon st here was awarded a michelin star this year. The first restaurant in suffolk to gain one. The food there is awesome . And my favourite Maison Bleue in Churchgate st Was awarded a michelin sommelier award. The food there is delicious too. In both restaurants the focus is on the great fresh local produce we have here and the same is true of dozens of very nice restaurants in and around Bury.

When I think about it, where else would be better for a staycation than Bury St Edmunds. There’s plenty to the town itself with its independent shops and restaurants. Theatre royal, the apex concert venue and the abbey gardens. And it’s a half hour drive from Cambridge park and ride. Forty five minutes from Felixstowe which is a fantastic family seaside day out. And an hour and a half from chi-chi southwold and Aldeburgh. For the best fish and chips in suffolk or possible the country. I also recommend a swim in the sea at sizewell beach (the power station heats the water a few degrees.) And a row on the boating lake at Thorpeness. It’s a magical place and the boats are easy to row.

And of course after all these activities you’ll be too tired to cook dinner and that’s where I come in.


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